Giải đề IELTS Speaking Part 2&3: Describe a successful sportsman you know - 13/09/2023

“Describe a successful sportsman you know” là một trong những đề bài IELTS Speaking chủ đề Describe a person mới ra trong Forecast IELTS Speaking quý 3/2023. Đề bài này có thể là lợi thế với các bạn nam nhưng sẽ gây khó khăn cho các bạn nữ đó. Tham khảo bài mẫu của Athena để học cách triển khai ý tưởng cho đề này nhé!


Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2: “Describe a successful sportsman you know” 

Describe a sportsman you know

Đề bài IELTS Speaking Part 2: Describe a successful sportsman you know


Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player, is an incredibly successful sportsman. He has achieved unparalleled success in his career, winning a record-breaking 20 Grand Slam singles titles, including eight Wimbledon championships. I learned about Federer through televised tennis matches and have been following his career closely ever since. His exceptional skills and sportsmanship have captivated fans worldwide.


What makes Federer truly successful is not just his talent, but also his humility and professionalism. He remains grounded despite his numerous achievements and shows respect towards his opponents. Federer's dedication to constantly improving his game is evident, and he consistently strives for excellence.


Beyond his tennis accomplishments, Federer is involved in philanthropy. His foundation focuses on improving education and health conditions for underprivileged children. This showcases his success not only as a sportsman but also as a compassionate human being.


In conclusion, Roger Federer is an iconic figure in tennis. His extraordinary skills, sportsmanship, and commitment to making a positive impact set him apart. With his numerous Grand Slam titles and his philanthropic endeavors, Federer's success extends beyond the court. He serves as an inspirational role model for aspiring athletes and individuals worldwide.

Unparalleled: Vô song, không giống ai.

Underprivileged children: Trẻ em thiếu may mắn, khó khăn.

Record-breaking: Phá kỷ lục.

Compassionate: Nhân ái, thông cảm.

Sportsmanship: Tinh thần thể thao.

Iconic: Được biết đến rộng rãi, tượng trưng.

Dedication: Sự tận tụy, tận lực.

Role model: Tấm gương để noi theo.

Philanthropy: Từ thiện, làm việc từ thiện.

Extraordinary skill: Kỹ năng phi thường

Accomplishment: thành tựu



Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3 chủ đề Sports

  1. Which sport is popular in your country? Do you think your country is good at it?

In Vietnam, football (soccer) is the most popular sport. It has a massive following, and people of all ages are passionate about it. Vietnamese football has been steadily improving in recent years, with the national team's success in regional and international tournaments. While the country may not be considered a powerhouse in football on a global scale, the growing talent and enthusiasm among Vietnamese players are promising signs for the future.

Passionate about: Đam mê

Tournament: Giải đấu

Massive following: Lượng người theo dõi đông đảo

Powerhouse : Đội mạnh


  1. What conditions do you think are important to be a successful sportsman?

To be a successful sportsman, several conditions are crucial. Firstly, talent and natural ability play a significant role. Having inherent athletic skills and attributes can provide a foundation for success in sports. Additionally, hard work and dedication are essential. Athletes must commit themselves to rigorous training regimens, maintain discipline, and constantly strive to improve their skills. Alongside these, access to proper coaching, facilities, and resources is vital for development. Support from family, friends, and the community also contributes to an athlete's success by providing encouragement and motivation.

dedication : sự cống hiến

constantly strive to: không ngừng phấn đấu 

rigorous training regimen: chế độ luyện tập khắt khe

vital= significant: quan trọng


  1. What are the differences between the achievement of an individual and a group in a sport competition? 

The achievements of individuals and groups in sport competitions differ in several ways. In individual sports, such as athletics or tennis, the focus is solely on the individual's performance and results. The success or failure rests solely on their abilities, efforts, and decision-making. On the other hand, team sports like football or basketball require coordinated efforts from all team members. Success in team sports depends not only on individual skills but also on teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Achieving a common goal as a group can be more challenging but also more rewarding, as the collective efforts contribute to the outcome.

Achieving : đạt được

outcome: kết quả

collective : tập thể

coordinated : có sự phối hợp


  1. Do you think it is important to teach young people sport? Why?

Teaching young people sports is indeed vital for several reasons. First and foremost, participating in sports promotes physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It helps in developing strong bones, muscles, and cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of obesity and related illnesses. Furthermore, sports teach valuable life skills such as teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership. Young people learn how to set goals, work towards them, and overcome challenges. Sports also provide opportunities for social interaction, fostering friendships and a sense of community among young individuals.

cardiovascular health: sức khỏe tim mạch

perseverance: kiên trì

overcome : vượt qua

interaction: sự tương tác

fostering friendships: nuôi dưỡng tình bạn



  1. Do you think it is easy for teachers to realize talent about sports in students? 

Recognizing talent in students regarding sports can be challenging for teachers. While some students may display obvious athletic prowess, others may possess hidden talents that require careful observation and assessment. Teachers can look for indicators such as coordination, agility, speed, and strength. They can also consider students' enthusiasm and dedication towards sports activities. However, it is important to remember that teachers may not have expertise in all sports, so involving specialized coaches or conducting talent identification programs can help in identifying and nurturing sports talent more effectively.

identifying and nurturing: xác định và nuôi dưỡng

coordination: sự phối hợp

observation and assessment: sự quan sát và đánh giá

agility: sự nhanh nhẹn

expertise in: chuyên môn về

possess : sở hữu


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IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Describe a sportsman you know

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