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Bài 1: Chọn đáp án đúng:

  1. You and Nam ate all of the ice cream by _______.
    • A. yourselves
    • B. himself
    • C. themselves
    • D. yourself
  2. What is _______your phone number?
    • A. you
    • B. your
    • C. yours
    • D. all are right
  3. Where are _______ friends now?
    • A. your
    • B. you
    • C. yours
    • D. A and B are right
  4. Here is a postcard from _______ friend Peggy.
    • A. me
    • B. mine
    • C. my
    • D. all are right
  5. She lives in Australia now with _______ family.
    • A. she
    • B. her
    • C. hers
    • D. A and b are right
  6. _______ company builds ships.
    • A. He
    • B. His
    • C. Him
    • D. All are right
  7. _______ children go to school in Newcastle.
    • A. He
    • B. His
    • C. Him
    • D. All are right
  8. The exam _______ wasn't difficult, but exam room was horrible.
    • A. yourself
    • B. himself
    • C. themselves
    • D. itself
  9. Never mind. I and Nam will do it _______.
    • A. herself
    • B. myself
    • C. themselves
    • D. ourselves
  10. You _______ asked us to do it.
    • A. yourselves
    • B. herself
    • C. myself
    • D. theirselves
  11. They recommend this book even though they have never read it _______.
    • A. yourself
    • B. himself
    • C. themselves
    • D. itself


Bài 2: Điền đại từ vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:

  • ……asked Mr. Simon, my science teacher, what glass was and……said that is a liquid.
  • Hi Dana! Are……still coming shopping with us tomorrow?
  • My mum studied history at university. …… says……was a really interesting course.
  • Scientists are working hard to find cures for lots of diseases, but…… haven't found a cure for the common cold yet.
  • Adam, do…… think…… should all bring some food with us to your party?
  • Dad, do…… know if…… sell computer games in the market?


Bài 3: Điền đại từ vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:

  • Alice asked me about that book. Did you give……to…….
  • I met Bill today, he went out with……girlfriend.
  • Why does the teacher always give our class many tests? She hates……or something?
  • They paid Michael Bay a lot of money to make this film. They must like……very much.
  • I haven't seen Adam and Ally for ages. Have you met……recently?
  • I have two brothers and one sister; ……sister is a student.
  • This is where we live. Here is…… house.
  • Those aren't my brothers' dogs. …… dogs are big, not small.
  • What's……name? - I'm Alan.
  • My son told……that I need to stop smoking.


Bài 4: Lựa chọn đại từ nhân xưng chủ ngữ/ tân ngữ phù hợp:

  • (We/us) all went with (them/they).
  • They know all about my friends and (I/me).
  • His mother and (he/him) came last night.
  • There are some letters for you and (me/I).
  • What would you do if you were (he/ him)


Bài 5: Lựa chọn Đại từ để hoàn thành câu:

  • Julia had a great holiday. She enjoyed herself.
  • It's not my fault. You can't blame ....
  • What I did was really bad. I'm ashamed of ....
  • We've got a problem. I hope you can help ....
  • "Can I take another biscuit?" "Of course, Help ..... !"
  • You must meet Sarah. I'll introduce .... to her
  • Don't worry about us. We can look after in ....
  • I gave them a key to our house so that they could let .... in.
  • I didn't want anybody to see the letters so I burned ....
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