Giải đề: Describe a place - not in your home - where you go to relax

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Topic: Describe a place - not in your home - where you go to relax

You should say: 

  • Where the place is 
  • What the place looks like
  • How you spend your time in this place 
  • And explain why this place helps you to relax 

Danang, my ultimate relaxation destination. It's this beautiful coastal city with stunning beaches that just instantly calms my mind. Whenever life gets too stressful, I escape to Danang for a couple of weeks. My days there are blissful, I indulge in the delicious local cuisine, rent a bike, and just ride around, taking in the scenic beauty. It's like the city opens its arms to me, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

The reason Danang is so relaxing for me lies in its tranquil beauty. Walking along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes, and just strolling around while listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves, it's therapeutic. It's not just a change of scenery, it's a change in mindset. In Danang, I find a peacefulness that rejuvenates my soul, leaving me refreshed and ready to face the world again.


coastal city: thành phố ven biển stroll: đi dạo
stunning: tuyệt đẹp rhythmic sound of the waves: tiếng sóng vỗ
indulge in: tận hưởng therapeutic: chữa lành
hustle and bustle: hối hả mindset: tư duy
tranquil: yên bình  


Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Do people have enough places to relax in your country? 

I'd say yes, thanks to the abundance of diverse landscapes we're blessed with. From serene beaches to mountains and bustling cities, there's a spot for every mood. Whether you're in the mood for a quiet retreat or a lively getaway, you'll find a perfect corner to unwind.

abundance: phong phú, dồi dào

diverse: đa dạng

serene: thanh bình 

bustling: nhộn nhịp

spot: địa điểm

unwind: thư giãn


2. What do people do when relaxed? 

When it comes to relaxation, people engage in a variety of activities, though I'm not entirely sure of everyone's preferences. Some might read a book, others might listen to music or meditate. Many indulge in hobbies like gardening or painting. It's all about finding that activity which allows you to disconnect from the daily grind and gives you a sense of peace. It's like a personal journey to find what calms the mind and soothes the soul.

meditate: thiền

grind: áp lực

soothes the soul: làm dịu tâm hồn


3. Is physical activity good for relaxing? 

Absolutely, physical activity is fantastic for relaxation. It's backed by science – exercise releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in the brain. I've experienced this myself,  after a good workout, there's a sense of euphoria and relaxation. Engaging in sports or any physical activity is like hitting a reset button for your mind and body.

 endorphins = hormon hạnh phúc

a sense of euphoria: cảm giác phấn khích


4. Do you think that spending too much time in front of a screen is good for relaxing? 

No, I don't think that's ideal at all. It might seem relaxing at the moment, but it's counterproductive in the long run. Staring at screens for extended periods can lead to eye strain and mental fatigue. True relaxation is about disconnecting and giving your mind and body a break from digital stimulation.

counterproductive: phản tác dụng

eye strain: mỏi mắt

mental fatigue: tinh thần mệt mỏi

digital stimulation: kích thích số


5. Do people have to spend a lot of money on relaxing? 

Maybe not.  Relaxation doesn't always have to come with a price tag. Sometimes, the simplest activities, like a walk in the park or a quiet evening at home, can be just as effective in helping you relax. But nowadays, people have a tendency to spend on things like spa treatments. It's become a popular way to unwind and de-stress. While pampering yourself at a spa can be relaxing, it's not the only way. 

tendency: xu hướng

spa treatments: spa trị liệu

pamper: chăm sóc, nuông chiều


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