Các cách diễn đạt về thời gian

Khi muốn nói bạn không đủ thời gian bạn sẽ nói thế nào? Hay bạn hoàn thành trước thời hạn thì bạn sẽ diễn đạt ra sao? Hãy cùng khám phá cách diễn đạt thời gian thông qua các cấu trúc dưới đây





+ Run out of time/time is up: to have used up most of the allotted time or have no time left
E.g: You are running out of time to do your test.


+ Take one’s time:to go as slow as one needs to or to use as much time as one wants
E.g: Take your time. There’s no hurry to finish the essay. The exam doesn’t end for another hour.

+ Invest someone’s time [into something]: to put one's time, effort and/or energy into a project
E.g: Emily invested a lot of time into her new business.


+ Kill time: to use time up
E.g: I had to kill time before my doctor’s appointment; so I went shopping.


+ Ahead of time: before the announced time/early
E.g: Marisa completed the annual budget report ahead of time.


+ Take time off: a period of time that is free from employment
E.g: I took time off to travel to Guatemala and Costa Rica last summer.


+ Time to run/ time to split/time to move along/time to head out:an announcement of one's desire or need to leave/depart
E.g: It’s time to run. I have to get to a meeting at 9am.


+ Take a time out: to stop an activity temporarily
E.g: Roger wasn’t listening to the teacher; so he had to take a time out for 10 minutes.

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