Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 - Topic: Helping others

Chủ đề “Helping others" trong IELTS Speaking Part 1 là một topic mới lạ, xuất hiện trong bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking quý 3/2023 mới nhất. Tham khảo ngay bài trả lời mẫu cho chủ đề này của Athena nhé!


Mẫu câu trả lời cho các câu hỏi chủ đề Helping others - IELTS Speaking Part 1

Do you usually help people around you?

Yes, I believe in helping people around me whenever I can. Whether it's my neighbors, family members, or friends, I try to lend a helping hand whenever they need assistance. Helping others not only strengthens relationships but also brings a sense of fulfillment and contributes to a positive community environment.

lend a helping hand: trợ giúp ai

assistance: sự trợ giúp

strengthens relationship: tăng cường mối quan hệ


How do you help people around you, such as neighbors, family, and friends?

I help people around me in various ways, depending on their specific needs. For instance, I might aid my neighbors with household chores or offer to run errands for them. With family and friends, I actively listen to their concerns and provide emotional support when they face challenges. Additionally, I offer advice or share my knowledge and skills when it can be of help. Small acts of kindness and showing empathy can go a long way in making a positive impact on people's lives.

aid= help= assist: giúp đỡ

run errands : chạy việc vặt

empathy : sự đồng cảm


Did your parents teach you how to help others?

Yes, my parents have played a crucial role in teaching me the value of helping others. From a young age, they instilled in me the importance of empathy, kindness, and compassion. They led by example, demonstrating acts of generosity and selflessness in their interactions with others. Their guidance and teachings have shaped my understanding of the significance of helping those in need.

played a crucial role: đóng vai trò quan trọng

compassion: lòng trắc ẩn

generosity : sự hào phóng


Did your parents help you a lot when you were young?

Yes, my parents provided a lot of support and assistance when I was young. They were always there to guide me, nurture my growth, and ensure my well-being. They helped me with my studies, encouraged me to pursue my interests, and provided a nurturing environment for my personal development. Their support and love have been instrumental in shaping who I am today.

nurturing environment: môi trường nuôi dưỡng

nurture growth: nuôi dưỡng sự phát triển

pursue interests: theo đuổi sở thích


Tổng kết 

Trên đây là bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 về chủ đề "Helping others" - một topic nằm trong dự đoán đề quý 3/2023. Các sĩ tử chú ý ôn thật kỹ bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking Quý 3/2023  để có thể “ẵm" được điểm thật cao nhé!


Tham khảo khóa học IELTS toàn diện từ mất gốc cam kết đầu ra 7.0+ của Athena giúp bạn nâng điểm Speaking nhanh chóng: 

  • Lộ trình học “tối giản”, “tối ưu” giúp bạn nắm vững kiến thức cơ bản, và nắm chắc tấm bằng IELTS  7.0+ trong tầm tay.
  • Được giảng dạy trực tiếp bởi ThS. Đỗ Vân Anh (8.5 IELTS với 10 năm kinh nghiệm giảng dạy TOEIC/IELTS)  
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