Giải đề: Describe a period in history that you are interested in

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TOPIC: Describe a period in history that you are interested in 

You should say:

  • When is the historical stage you want to go back to 
  • What is it, and why? 
  • And explain why you find it interesting

Oh, let me take you back to a period in history that absolutely fascinates me – the Tran Dynasty in Vietnam. This era, which flourished from the 13th to the 14th century, holds a special place in my heart, mainly because my surname is Tran, and I've always been curious about my ancestors and the legacy they've left behind.

The Tran Dynasty is renowned for its remarkable achievements, especially in repelling three major Mongol invasions, showcasing the resilience, bravery, and strategic genius of the Vietnamese people. It was a time of cultural flourishing, military prowess, and significant development in various aspects of society. What makes the Tran Dynasty so interesting to me is not just the historical events but it's about connecting with my roots. It's like being part of a grand, ongoing story that spans generations. I'm intrigued by the thought of learning more about the daily lives of the people, their traditions, and how they managed to protect their homeland against such formidable foes.


ancestor: tổ tiên resilience: kiên cường
legacy: di sản military prowess: sức mạnh quân đội
renowned: nổi tiếng root: gốc rễ
repelling: chống lại intrigued: hấp dẫn
invasions: cuộc xâm lược formidable foes: kẻ thù đáng gờm


Bài Mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. What historical places do people want to visit?  

People often dream of visiting grand historical places like the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. These ancient marvels not only showcase incredible engineering and architectural feats but also open a window into the lives and cultures of past civilizations. It's like stepping into a time machine, where you can almost feel the history beneath your feet. 

architectural feats: kỳ tích kiến trúc

past civilization: nền văn minh xưa


2. Can you name an example of a historic place in your city?  

One historic place that really stands out in my city is the Hoa Lo Prison, also known as Maison Centrale. It's a site that's steeped in history, telling tales that are both harrowing and inspiring. Originally used by French colonists for political prisoners, and later by North Vietnam during the Vietnam War, it's a place where the resilience and struggle for freedom are palpable in every brick and shadow.

harrowing: đau lòng

colonists: dân thuộc địa

resilience: kiên cường

palpable: có thể cảm nhận được


3. Why do people remember personal events? 

People remember personal events because of the tangible feelings associated with them. These memories are like bookmarks in the story of our lives, highlighting moments of joy, sadness, triumph, and loss. Remembering personal events helps us cherish the journey we've been on, the lessons learned, and the bonds formed.

 tangible feelings: cảm xúc có thể chạm vào được

 triumph: chiến thắng

bond: mối liên kết


4. Who would show more interest in history, young people or older people?  

Generally, older people might show more interest in history. Perhaps it's the perspective that comes with experience or a desire to understand the forces that have shaped the present. They often seek connections with the past, looking for wisdom and insights that only history can provide. 

perspective: quan điểm

seek connections with the past: tìm kiếm liên kết vs quá khứ

wisdom: trí tuệ

insights: cái nhìn sâu, hiểu sâu


5. Why do people like to watch films about history? 

People love watching films about history because they bring the past to life in a vivid and engaging way. Historical films can transport audiences to different eras, allowing them to witness pivotal moments in human history as if they were there. The visual storytelling, combined with compelling narratives, makes history accessible and relatable. It's the thrill of seeing history unfold on the screen that captivates so many.

vivid: sống động

witness pivotal moments: chứng kiến những khoảnh khắc quan trọng

compelling narrative: câu chuyện hấp dẫn

accessible: dễ tiếp cận


6. Do you think watching films is the most interesting way of learning history? 

While watching films is an engaging way to learn about history, I don't think it's the most interesting method for everyone. Reading books and using your imagination can offer a deeper, more nuanced understanding of historical contexts and figures. Additionally, visiting historical sites provides a tangible connection to the past that films can't replicate. Each method has its unique appeal, catering to different preferences and learning styles.

replicate: tái hiện

appeal: hấp dẫn


7. Why should we learn from the past? 

Learning from the past is crucial because it offers invaluable lessons on resilience, innovation, and the consequences of our actions. It helps us appreciate the struggles and achievements of those who came before us, fostering a sense of gratitude and perspective. Understanding history allows us to learn from past mistakes, celebrate progress, and make informed decisions for the future. It's about building on the legacy we inherit to create a better world.

 a sense of gratitude: cảm giác biết ơn

 inherit: kế thừa

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